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I find a lot of recipes when I’m lurking on the interwebs – some good, some not so much.

But, this is a winner:


It works and is really good. I rarely buy mayonnaise, but I also rarely take the time to make it the traditional way – by dripping the oil in slowly, slowly.

Rick is back from Fiji tonight. While he has been away I have been eating very low carb ie mostly meat (steak, fish, chicken).

I have not been the smallest bit hungry, but I have been hugely, unbelievably, sound-asleep by 7:10 – tired. I thought I might need to eat some more fat, so I made the mayonnaise, added some curry powder and stirred it over my sliced, poached chicken-breast. It tastes really good and I hope it does the trick with the exhaustion 🙂

Anyway, I hope this recipe is as useful to you as it will be for me.


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Yoshi hates her – hisses and snarls every time he sees her. She doesn’t help because every-single-time he appears, she is up his backside, or pouncing on him, or has her nose in his dish…

Percy is a much more chilled out. He has realised his food supply still functions, and he still gets loves and cuddles. Also, he is such a big boy – I suspect it just requires too much energy for him to fight her all the time…

She is staying. But she should consider herself lucky, because she really has the most dreadful manners.

On the positive side – she has learned to use the cat-door at last. Thanks to Julie Q for your advice and encouragement. It took a LOT of encouragement, a LOT of bribery with Temptations Treats, but though she is the most inelegant  creature you can imagine, she can get herself in and out as she wants.

On the minus side – she goes outside to play, lie in the sun or just to torment the boys and then she comes INSIDE to pee or poop. She goes right past a litter-box to come inside… and she pees/poops inside regardless of whether there is actually a litter-box in her favourite spot! I am at a loss over this issue – so any suggestions would be gratefully received.

If we are preparing or eating food – of any kind – we have a kitten clawing at us – literally clawing, trying to climb up our bodies, leaping onto the plate, trying to hook food directly off our plates. Her own food is always available – and she eats enough for three, though she is still very small (yes, she has been wormed). We are going to resort to locking her away while we eat – a sort of time-out for bad manners.

Lastly, I’m not sure our curtains are going to survive her onslaught. She races through the house at top speed – sideways around corners, slipping on rugs, crashing into furniture – building up speed till she reaches the dining room, where she launches herself to land on the curtains at about shoulder height – MY shoulder – then she scrabbles her way up a bit further before bouncing down to start all over again.

She has learned she is not to go on the kitchen benches – but she likes to watch me work – so she goes outside and sits on the windowsill… clever girl!

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Emma started it… she made this:


and I thought…. mmmmm 🙂

then Becca did this:


and I thought…. mmmmmmm 🙂

THEN… I remembered Bev had done this:


can you guess where I’m going with this?


Make your posset, let it set and then blob on some Italian meringue…

…more meringue… Mile High Lemon Meringue Posset…



If you have a blowtorch … brown the meringue a little. I don’t, so I used the grill – and this much brown sent our fire alarm into a spin (!)

Try not to make little grunty noises as you eat… it isn’t good manners… apparently…

PS  These are sweet enough to make your eyebrows sweat… make them small!


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I found this today and thought you may be interested. I know I can’t eat Quinoa without getting an upset tummy…


Another good reason to eat Paleo/Primal…

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The Farmy

One of my dreams is to own some land – enough to grow animals and vegetables and live the ‘Good Life’…

Cecilia, a NZ girl does just that on a small farm in Illinois, and she somehow finds time to blog about it.

Cecilia has taught me just how much WORK is involved in living simply. Her energy has me in awe, as do her skills as a writer. Her latest post is different from her usual.

All her posts are beautiful.

This one is special.


I hope you like it too…

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Pinterest is like having a whole pile of beautiful magazines delivered to your door every day… and you can cut out and keep all the pretty images you want…

I love it!

Usually I don’t follow other people’s ‘food’ pins… my diet is pretty limited these days – if you consider eggs, meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruit, nuts etc limited that is 🙂 It has to be said, judging by what some people ‘pin’ as food – it’s no wonder there is an obesity/diabetes epidemic happening in the world. So, when I saw this recipe I thought…hmmm…


Ignore the proud claim that it is low fat – who cares, right?

It IS sweeter than I would like, so I might tweak it when I make it again, and because we don’t like too much chilli hotness, I only used half the amount of chilli sauce … BUT, I will make it again.

This is the kind of recipe that when the husband comes home, the first thing he says is “Something smells wonderful!”

I used chicken drums – and I didn’t have nearly enough ginger in the dry mix (I ran out), but it was still very, very good. It came together very easily, smelled all sesame scrumptious – a total success, and it satisfied a craving for Chinese-style food (which we haven’t had since I got my celiac diagnosis…). We ate it with steamed cauli and broccoli.

I’m going now to check out some more of this man’s recipes… based on this one – his blog is destined for my ‘favorites’  🙂

Oh, and I think this sauce would be really great on pork slices or ribs too…



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50 Shades of Grey

Do you ever have moments when you don’t like the people you like?

My ‘real-life’ friends have been raving about 50 Shades of Grey… if you haven’t heard of it you are probably living under a rock…

I was loaned it… I’ve read it – skim-read it really… YAWN! Don’t bother with it… really… I find myself thinking a little less of my friends (if you have read it, and liked it – I apologise ;-))

On a more positive note – Poppy has today used the cat-door THREE times… twice encouraged madly and then rewarded with Temptations, the third time entirely on her own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO – she pooped outside today for the first time ever!

We may have turned a corner people – at last!



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Poppy finds supervising my yoga very tiring…

she much prefers to rid the world of flies…

but, she does approve of her new bed…

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