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I spent the afternoon sitting with Sue as she underwent her third chemo treatment.
I had expected it to be harrowing… In the end – I was there for four hours… The time flew. We talked and laughed the whole time.
The treatment time had been extended in an effort to reduce the side- effects which had been so ghastly last time. And it worked!
Not only was it easier at the time, but today – though she is cold, shaky, and her legs feel heavy – she is so much better than last time.
We are all hugely relieved – as you can imagine!
One day, everything will be better.
Until then, here is a picture of a cat.

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I went with Sue to her meeting with her Oncologist.

The man is a pompous git, but Sue said he listened this time, and explained better too.

She, however, is her own worst enemy.

She was asked how she was feeling… ‘Fine’ she said brightly.


I butted in… fine  – if you consider constant diarrhea, and having to ‘remind’ your legs how to work each time you stand up, to be ‘fine’.

That changed the atmosphere a bit. PG (pompous git) sat up a bit straighter and read his notes.

He thinks her reaction to the chemo is not an allergic one, rather that she is having a ‘rough time of it’. That the nursing staff were asking about her breathing was not so much that they expected her to be unable to breathe, rather that it seems a patient’s perception is that they are unable to breathe – the reality is, your breathing is just fine.

It seems – if a chemo patient is going to have an adverse reaction, it is always during the administration of the last 5mls of Oxalyplatin… my questions for next time: “If that is the case, why do you administer the last 5mls?” “Who decides how much Oxalyplatin a patient needs?” “Is Oxalyplatin always packaged in that particular dosage”? I’ll be going to all her Oncologist appointments from now on – if only to keep her honest!

I’m spending this afternoon at the hospital with her as she undergoes her third chemo treatment.

She is quite cheerful at the thought of another treatment. (Killing the fking cancer cells). I am shitting myself.

On a much happier note, we are having the most amazing weather! We have had a string of hotter than hot days – which is something unheard of in my area! The cats and I are struggling to keep cool – though they all have their ‘hidey’ places where they hunker down and wait the heat out.

Despite the heat, my crock-pot has been doing overtime. I’ve been making batch after batch of bone broth, which I then reduce down to cubes of jelly deliciousness. The cubes are easy to store, and added to a cup of hot water, make a really tasty and nutritious broth.

There have been days when Sue has been unable to eat anything, but she cope with the broth.Summer 2012 025


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Reminder to self…

Why Sue and I are doing the very low carb diet at the moment…


I don’t remember who found this article on Jimmy Moore’s blog, but I’m glad they told me 🙂 – thank you.

Sue has had two chemo treatments now. She had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs during her first treatment.

There should have been changes made before the second chemo, but that didn’t happen.

The allergic reaction the second time was much worse. She was unable to walk, and the nurses kept asking “Can you breathe?”

Very frightening.

Her recovery from the second chemo has been very slow.

She has an appointment with her Oncologist on Monday and she has asked me to go along. We have QUESTIONS!

Through it all she has remained strong, brave and DETERMINED.


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I thought it was high-time I got back into the blogging groove. I haven’t posted much lately, but I have been busy researching. I’ll share some of that another day, but for now – photos of our holiday in beautiful Napier. Napier is a small city on New Zealand’s East Coast of the North Island – it’s about two hours drive from here.

We were only there for three nights. Just long enough to have a quick look around…

We had a lovely motel on Napier’s glorious Marine Parade… we started each day with a sleep-in and a perfectly Paleo/Low Carb home-cooked (by me) breakfast of whitebait fritters… little tiny baby fishes and egg…

Summer 2012 006

sitting on the balcony, in the sun, looking at this…

Summer 2012 005

Then – before it got too hot… we went sight-seeing. To the lookout on the top of the hill you can see from this photo (taken from the other balcony at our motel)

Summer 2012 004

On the other side of the hill is the port of Napier, and the view from up there is magnificent…

Summer 2012 007

Summer 2012 008

Summer 2012 010

Summer 2012 013

Summer 2012 015

We drove to a different vineyard for lunch each day, and wandered along Marine Parade to different restaurants for dinner each night. A lot of food was eaten – surprisingly it was really easy to stick to the diet, and everyone knew about gluten and there were delicious choices everywhere.

Lots of wine was drunk.

It was a lovely – if short – break away. A change of scene is always good.

We got home to a little cat who it appears was bullied by the bigger boy and the little girl. Yoshi was absolutely delighted to see us home. He has a habit of bringing gifts. Leaves usually – yellow ones. He carries them down the driveway – calling his hunting cry (more of a yowl). He brought us leaf after leaf after leaf. We were a bit worried for his sanity at one stage, but he has settled down a little and is just bringing a couple a day now.

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Rick gave me an iPad for my birthday. I’m struggling my way around it… This is just a test – to see if I can blog from it.
All well here. Sue is feeling so much better. She has another chemo treatment on the 9th – which will knock her back, but she is learning how to cope – so this one should go easier.
Lovely day today.
Happy New Year! Xxx

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