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Poppy thanks you all for your good wishes and advice.
She wants to tell you that, though her mama loves her very much… Crystal was not an option.
Instead, mama has unearthed some pressed glass jelly dishes that she inherited from her mother-in-law.
The dishes are very pretty and they can go in the dishwasher, which the mama says is a consideration not to be ignored.
All our plastic dishes have been donated to the SPCA, so now we use the shiny steel and the pretty glass.

Also, the mama has just returned from a lightening raid of the supermarket… And LOOK what she found!

They are already approved by Percy and Princess Poppy

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Back to the Vet

I had to take poor little Poppy back to the vet this morning – her poor little chin was all scabby again and her lips and eyes had started to swell.
So, she had another steroid injection, and I have to put ointment in her eyes and bathe her chin…sigh.
Also, I have to replace all their plastic dishes with either ceramic or stainless steel… Or crystal…

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