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I waste far too much time lately, sitting – little old cat on my knee – scrolling through all the pretties on Pinterest.
I even find some interesting recipes – including this one.
Sue has a huge, and hugely prolific lemon tree. I have been using her lemons to make fruit jellies for her. Gelatine is very good for you if you have diarrhoea – which is a side-effect of this chemo…

The juice is great, but I remembered a pin I found which suggested dehydrating then grinding the zest for use as a condiment.
It is really easy to do – produces a powder that looks for all the world like gold dust – and, with its gentle – almost caramelised lemon flavour – is just as good dusted over fish, as over a dessert.
I’ve also used it dusted over roast chicken.






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Sue had a CT scan yesterday. It is three cycles in to this lot of chemo…

at chemo today she asked if the results were in yet… And, though it is highly unusual for them to give such results in the chemo treatment room…

They did…

It’s working!!!!!!!!

The tumours are smaller, fluid build up (ascites) is gone. The blood test results are ‘normal’ in all areas.

We are dancing on cloud nine.

It is a glorious day

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