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Thanks for all your good wishes. It is lovely to have him home, he seems to be doing well – though he will NOT take his medicine.
I’m supposed to give him two tablets in the morning and two in the evening, along with his special diet – which he also WILL NOT eat.
His vet was very dismissive of the new biscuits I found at the supermarket. She will not hear of anything other than the stuff they sell at the clinic. Sadly, the supermarket biscuits are the ones my cats now Hoover up.
I have resorted to giving Percy a small amount of Temptations Treats and I break one of the capsules up and stir everything up. He loves his treats and it is the only way I can dose him.
The problem is me, not him. He is such a very big, strong cat. I am a little afraid of him as he can hit and bite if he is afraid. He hasn’t done either for a very long time, but I still have scars from our early days.
I have been researching on the interwebs about making cat food at home… all natural. I found a recipe devised by an American vet and will try to source the additives this week. It bothers me that commercial cat food is based around grains and seed oils, and I have time to experiment a bit.

On a completely different subject – I’m having one heck of a time commenting on some of your blogs… I get the ‘comment will be visible after approval’ message, but then it seems to disappear into the nevernever… Such a pest! Please know that I am still checking in on you daily 🙂 XO

Sue is doing ok. She is following my blog now. Chemo is not going as well as we’d hoped. The side-effects are pretty debilitating. Her 5th treatment was delayed because her blood went wonky. Forgive me, I can’t think of the medical term… there was a danger she could bruise and they would not be able to stop the bleeding. She had the treatment on Friday, but they were iffy about doing it because they said she was too dehydrated…
Frankly, the sooner chemo is over (there is one more to go), the better. Then she can start to get better.
She is still eating really well. Her potassium levels got really low, so since bananas are high in potassium, she began making pancakes for breakfast…
Two eggs, one mashed banana. Mix together and fry (in butter). She eats them with bacon and maple syrup. A simple and delicious way to fix the potassium deficiency 🙂

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New Toys

I bought myself some new baking pans… my old metal ones were a bit manky-looking, and I’d heard good things about these pans

… this is one of the new pans – don’t you just love the colour?… Kermit green… there is no way to overlook these. They are VERY bright!

They’re also very floppy, so you have to put them onto a tray to bake with them, but they work really well – no greasing required – my breakfast eggie things just pop right out…

I over-filled them… eggs (3 small free-range), finely chopped bacon, finely chopped onion, some grated cheese, milk, salt and pepper…but, they still came out of the pans easy as 🙂

These little quichey things make an easy and filling breakfast – a couple of these, and I don’t need anything for lunch. Great result all around. I love these new toys 🙂

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