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New Cook Book

Ahem! Two steps forward… one step backward. That’s how my addiction to cookbooks is going…

In my defense, after the disaster roast dinner I decided I would never cook a roast dinner for those people again. Instead, I will cook things that will ‘hold’ well if someone is late – and they probably will be… ¬†Anyway casseroles and tagines seem to fill the bill – ¬†and I love Middle-Eastern flavours.

I’ve already made one recipe from my new book… Spicy Chicken Tagine with Apricots, Rosemary and Ginger… stunning… and so easy!

I don’t eat couscous (wheat is BAD for you – remember?) – and I no longer cook those things for Rick either, but the book is really good in that, despite the title, there are just a few couscous recipes – so I don’t feel I paid for a whole pile of recipes I won’t use.

I stirred in a whole pile of home-grown spinach at the last minute. We both loved it.


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