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>Japanese Curry Rice

>I miss Japanese food. We used to have HUGE nights at Izakya Yatai (a sort of Japanese Tapas bar). I can’t eat Japanese food these days unless I make it myself. Back when we hosted International students while they studied English Language at the university near us, a favourite dinner for homesick Japanese students was curry rice, made with a roux mix you can get at the supermarket. Japanese curry is delicious – quite different from Indian or Thai flavours (which are also delicious), and I have missed it. THEN, I found this blog www.norecipes.com – the guy who owns this is called Marc Matsumoto – he is as cute as a button and he posts ingredients and a method to encourage you to wing it – to try something you might otherwise not even dream of. He has a post for Curry Rice. I tried it the other day – I changed his recipe a bit – used up some caramelized onion marmelade I had (so I left out the apple Marc suggests); I’d run out of cayenne – so I used a bit of curry powder… It worked just great – we both had seconds! Check him out – he’s not only into Japanese food…


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