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So, what happens when all Hell breaks out?….

you keep on going…

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The Next Day

First, I want to thank you for the messages of support – I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate them.

Mum, dad and I went to visit Sue yesterday. She was sunbathing and studying (she has exams in a couple of weeks). Dad asked her how she was feeling… she replied – “The same as I felt yesterday.”

She plans to keep working. She will do the written exams, but the practical part will be held over for her until she is well enough. Her workmates are being enormously supportive. She is still waiting for a biopsy which will tell us just where the cancer is, but she says it is a relief to KNOW there really is something wrong – and that the process of treatment has begun.

There were tears – of course there were – and there will be more, but there was also a lot of laughter too. My brother is coming home from Australia. He arrives on Friday. Sue is pissed off about that. She says she told him not to do anything stupid “Does he think I’m dying?”  (she was laughing).

My dad is not coping very well at all. He felt better after seeing her yesterday, but mum says today he broke down and sobbed again. Mum is doing her best impression of an ostrich – head in the sand thing. She has always done that in times of crisis, so nothing unusual there.

I did some research on the interwebs – as you do – and found there is growing evidence that a ketogenic ie very low carbohydrate diet has been shown to ‘starve’ cancer cells. Cancer cells need glucose to survive and grow. Carbohydrates turn into glucose…. no carbs, no glucose. Studies have showed that fasting, in combination with chemotherapy is extremely effective. There are also studies that have shown that fasting alone is extremely effective. Apparently there is speculation that it is the fact that chemotherapy causes you to lose your appetite, that is more effective than the drug itself. Fascinating stuff…

I sent the information to Sue, she is really keen, so she and I are now both doing the diet. I figure I can’t quite bring myself to shave my head in solidarity… but, I certainly can do the diet with her. We have nothing to lose by trying this and potentially everything to gain. We started yesterday. Today she says she is a little light-headed, but that her tummy doesn’t feel so ‘tight’. Hopefully, by the time she gets the biopsy done, the cancer will already be in retreat…

Sue has asked for a family dinner next week, so we can talk about what happens if this all doesn’t turn out well. In my opinion this is a really good idea. I have my wishes on paper – should I fall off my perch unexpectedly – and I also have a pinterest board, with the songs I want played at my funeral (just so’s you know :-)).

I am very much a believer in the power of prayer. So, if you would keep doing that for her – I would be hugely grateful. I love you all.

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