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Well it’s over for another year. Our Poppy was unwell. She had a scratch under her chin… we thought… but, the ‘scratch’ spread – all over her chin, around her mouth, in her ears… then her eyelids swelled. It all happened over a day or two. She became very quiet – which, since she does EVERYTHING at top speed, was really worrying. I got an appointment with our vet on Sunday and we took her in.

She is apparently allergic to the supermarket biscuits I had bought for them (she really is a Princess!), so we’re back on the Science Diet biscuits. She had a steroid injection and has just about finished a course of antibiotics, and is back to normal – thank goodness! She has been amazingly sweet about taking the antibiotics, which is a relief :-).

Sue came to our place for Christmas lunch, but was very unwell. She collapsed on our couch in tears, slept while we all ate lunch and had a rotten time that night. She phoned the hospital and they took her off the drugs for a couple of days.

I asked her if she would like to stop doing the diet and she said “Hell no! Imagine how bad it would be if I wasn’t doing the diet!”

She is incredibly brave and is now feeling very much better.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day were both stinking hot here, and VERY humid. We ate Christmas lunch outside – desperate to grab a breeze

Christmas 001Percy made himself scarce… as did Yoshi and Poppy…

I wanted to take pictures of what we ate, but my camera battery died. I wanted to show you how good a low-carb Christmas lunch could be πŸ™‚ You’ll have to take my word for it.

I HAVE however, been eating too many carbs – new potatoes – fine if you’re an athlete (which I am NOT), but not so good if you’re supposed to be eating very few carbs.

How do I know I’ve eaten too many? Do you remember I told you about the “Vulcan” effect of the diet? – well that deserted me yesterday… A kind comment from a stranger had me sitting here with tears dripping off the end of my chin. Thank you Tracey, and welcome πŸ™‚

Back into it now πŸ™‚

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Happy Zombie Apocalypse!

21st December and we’re still here!

Sue had her first chemo treatment yesterday and we were all very nervous beforehand. She says the nurses were lovely and she felt very ‘cared for’.
We didn’t expect much in the way of side-effects this time because chemo is ‘cumulative’ – it’ll get worse as we go along. But, she got more than they bargained for – lightheaded, nauseous, tingly fingers, froggy voice and she is already sensitive to hot and cold (cold feels like hot, and vice versa). They didn’t give her all her dose of chemo because of the speed of the onset of symptoms.
She has to avoid the sun – which will be hard on her, she has always loved the sun. When she was diagnosed with cancer we were all amazed it wasn’t melanoma… that she would have deserved! πŸ™‚ So she is inside, doing crochet – because apparently that will help the tingly fingers thing… She is staying strong and determined.
So, we are now on track for Christmas – lunch at our place – and looking forward to it.:-)

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I took Sue to do her Christmas shopping on Monday. Mum and her eldest daughter Tash came too.

We borrowed a wheelchair from the Plaza and dodged through the crowds – everyone very good natured and forgiving of our novice wheelchair steering. As always, there was laughter and tears. All the shopping was done by lunchtime – making a list is a really good idea :-), then we got sushi and came here so Sue could recline gracefully on the sofa.

She had a meeting with the chemo doctor that afternoon. It turns out there is a chance she may not lose her hair – which would be a wonderful boost to her/our morale. Chemo starts tomorrow.

Sue has decided she can’t do the fasting-before-chemo thing that we had planned. She is having issues with low blood-pressure – feeling ill and wobbly, especially first thing in the morning. So we will continue with the low carb diet, which she is finding incredible easy. So all is good.

On a totally different tack – we’ve been having some very rainy days… the edges of cyclone Evan that has wreaked havoc in Samoa and Fiji.

Poppy came in yesterday morning – I was still in bed (6:30am in case you thought I was slacking) – she was so wet, even her eyelashes had drops on them. She wouldn’t allow me to dry her off – something Yoshi loves – instead she gave herself a good shake (thanks!) and settled herself next to me… where she gently steamed herself dry. The humidity is such that all her feathery furs curled πŸ™‚

Wet 003


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Poppy does everything at top speed… and that can make a wee girl very tired…

More Poppy 003

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More Good News

We’ve had a couple of bits of good news…

First, the polytech Sue has been studying at has decided to award her a pass on the exams she was to have sat before she became so ill. She cried when she heard. She had worked so hard at her studies and was upset at the thought that she wouldn’t get to sit the exams. She has two more years before she gets her degree…

Second, chemotherapy starts on December 20th. She is both afraid (we all are) and pleased to have it starting – because the sooner it starts, the sooner it’s over…

Apart from that, she’s home – recovering well from the operation and getting huge support from family and friends. Her husband – Nigel – Β is remodelling their bathroom as they only have a huge, old claw-foot bath (no shower) and Sue finds it impossible to get herself into it at the moment. The remodelling is 30 years overdue, so she is looking forward to a lovely new bathroom. Her workmates are helping with the remodelling – one used to be a plumber, another an electrician, another will lay the floor.

All is as well as it’s going to get for the moment.


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Upside Down



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